Company Profile

In 1996, a team of dedicated Thai medical doctors and pharmacists decided to invest their knowledge, skills and more than 27 years of professional experience to develop quality products for consumers. In doing so, they created a wide variety of cosmetics, skincare, body care, baby care, hair care, household, food supplements etc. under the brand Giffarine while Pattrena, as a co-brand, focuses on promoting various range of natural spa and aromatherapy products. For 27 years, Giffarine has been keeping up with the growth of Thai and international market and our brand has become recognizable and well accepted in Thailand and over the world. Giffarine intends to create valuable products with world-class standard technology and quality; therefore, we manage our production lines and factory as the principal of development and support for the company’s growth. We have recently established a new factory on a space of over 39,000 square meters with our investment budget of 700 million baht.(US$ 20 million). It is located in Navanakorn Industrial Estate, the area is a large industrial park compiled of all conveniences and basic factors. Moreover, Giffarine factory is regarded as an environmental friendly establishment. The factory is designed under GMP standard in terms of its structure and materials in order to accommodate an effective manufacturing standard giving it a high quality production system and maintaining our high concerns of consumer safety. We have invested more than 100 million baht in automatic machines to support annual sales target covering 20,000 million baht and increase the production capacity to reach 20,000,000 pieces per month by deploying a computer system that controls all the production process, accuracy, speed, systematic control of our product research and development, as well as purchase and inventory storage of our finished products in order to be delivered to our consumers all over the world  

The factory comprises of 3 sections.

Skyline Health Care Co.,Ltd.
Skyline Health Care Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1997 to produce food and medicine by a team of scientists, chemists and experts in many fields. The company is also operated under international manufacturing standards: ISO 9001:2008, GMP and Halal certificate. We are able to produce nutritional supplements in forms of pills, capsules and powder in sachets by using high technological machinery that can operate automatic and half automatic systems with high speed and production capacity. Moreover, we can modify packaging design responding to our customers’ requirement.
Giffarine Skyline Laboratory and Health Care Co.,Ltd.
Giffarine Skyline Laboratory and Health Care Co.,Ltd. established to produce all kinds of high quality cosmetics, personal care, spa and aromatherapy products, etc. according the growing demand of international market.
Giffarine Central Lab

Giffarine Central Lab ensures high quality and safety of the products manufactured by the factories of Giffarine Group of Companies. The company is operated according to ISO/IEC 17025 international standards for cosmetics chemical analysis from Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health. Giffarine Central Lab undergoes regular quality controls by our certified pharmacists, scientists and more than 30 highly experienced staffs specialized in various medical and technological fields.

The Central Lab is also honorably certified by the international manufacturing standard: ISO/IEC 17025 of the Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Health which is the first organization in Thailand to certify substantial analysis of herbs. It is also registered as a private laboratory specialized in environmental and waste water analysis by the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry.